Alpha Waves and Meditations - II

Understanding one of the most important brain waves-Alpha Waves

6/16/20232 min read

Alpha waves and Meditation


Alpha waves are a specific type of brain wave that occur within the frequency range of 8 to 12 cycles per second (Hz), or oscillations per second. They are most prominently observed in the human brain when an individual is awake and in a relaxed, yet alert and calm state.

Characterized by their relatively high amplitude, meaning they exhibit larger and more distinct waveforms on an electroencephalogram (EEG) recording. The waves are primarily observed in the posterior regions of the brain, particularly in the occipital lobe, which is responsible for visual processing. But they are observed in most other parts of regions too.

Alpha waves tend to decrease in amplitude and may disappear when attention is directed towards external stimuli or when the eyes are open. They are typically replaced by faster brain wave activity, such as beta waves. Therefore, Alpha waves are observed when an individual is awake but in a state of calmness, with eyes closed or during periods of relaxation or meditation.

For everyone, the strength and prevalence of the alpha waves vary from each other. Someone may exhibit stronger and prominent alpha waves than the others. But with proper consistent practice of meditation or relaxation, one finding life calmer and more peaceful can lead to stronger exhibition of the alpha waves throughout the day.

Here are the benefits of alpha waves generated in one’s brain.

  1. Gaining the ability to concentrate, allowing the individual to absorb and retain information, enhance comprehension, and perform tasks with accuracy and efficiency.

  2. By maintaining focus, individuals can complete tasks more quickly and with higher quality, leading to increased productivity.

  3. Better concentration enhances the quality of information (meaning better clarity) and leads to much more memory formation and retrieval.

  4. Better clarity leads to minimizing the impulse decisions being made, leading to better decision making.

  5. More calm and peaceful mind reduces the influx of spontaneous stresses and eventually leads to better communication with another and therefore much healthier relationships.

Later in part 03 discusses more about the scientific understanding of the effects of alpha waves on one’s thinking.