Alpha Waves and Meditations -IV

PART IV Meditational practices or Breathing techniques for attaining relaxed states. Natural and Artificial WayS of attaining alpha waves

6/17/20232 min read

Alpha waves and Meditation


Whether it is meditation exercises or breathing techniques, falls together as one as they are connected to each other.

Natural ways

Breathing Technique: First relax completely and sit or stand somewhere, eyes open, take double inhalation (breathing in the air into the lungs) and deep slow exhale (pushing out the air from the lungs). Do this for 5 times consistently with mind only fully focusing on the process.

With Eyes closed, relax with regular breathing in & out slowly for 1-2 minutes. Altogether do this as many times you like but make sure at least do it once.

Meditation Exercises: Do any meditation exercises but make sure whether you are calm, relaxed and peaceful or not. Understanding alpha waves hold stronger when you are at rest and peaceful which is signified by the breathing rate. The lower the breathing rate, the better the holding of alpha waves in your brain.

(But make sure you’re breathing well and relaxed).

If found having distractions as thoughts etc., acknowledge the distractions and fix it soon and move back to the state/process.

There is transcendental meditation and mindfulness meditation, which will be helpful for modulation of alpha waves in your brain. Written a small descriptive about these meditations and the link is here.

Artificial Ways

1)Binaural Beats Technique which uses two different frequencies, variation by a few Hertz. Each one is placed in one of the two ears of a person. The two frequencies when heard by the ears at the same time, a virtual beat produced inside the brain connects two hemispheres of the brain creating a no lag electrical impulses in the brain.

From there, by audio instructions which might be creating visual images inside the brain or the breathing technique, the person can achieve modulation of alpha waves activity stronger in many regions of the brain.

Type binaural beats in YouTube, get access to many videos and try out for yourself.

2)There is also another method which is White/Pink/Brown Noise System which uses noises of broad spectrum which might be resembling nature sounds, allowing the individual to attain a more focused and centered(relaxed) mind.

Type BROWN/WHITE/.. Noise in YouTube, get access to many videos and try out for yourself.

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